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Please know that your gift reaches people all over the world. YWAM KC's ministries continue to grow, evangelizing and discipling young people and adults alike.

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Lance, Tabita, Kevin & Jessica.

Our aim is to “Mobilize and Equip the Church, Reach the Lost, and Disciple a New Generation”. We use relevant methods to proclaim the timeless truth of the Good News of the Gospel in the Public Forum.

It is working! We have seen thousands of people respond saying, “I want to know the God you are speaking about”.

We are currently working on a huge project called All.America. How do we mobilize and Empower every Christian to take responsibility for their neighbors? We must reach our nation! We have a team from Spain coming to work with us - to make it happen and to learn so that we can go back to Spain an reach our nation. During our time in the US we are working @ YWAM Kansas City.

Youth With a Mission, a global, multi- cultural expression of Christian believers, pioneered a base in Kansas City in 2011. This base is strategically located and is the product of nearly two decades of planning between the missions and prayer movement on the earth to fulfill the Great Commission. We understand that to impact society, locally and globally with the Gospel, the presence of God is a must. Our vision involves implementing long- term discipleship models in strategic and measurable missions, co-laboring with other key players in fulfilling the Great Commission such as Call2All and becoming the apostolic sending hub; bringing the highest revelation of Jesus Christ to the nations.

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